"Squid Game" series creator doesn't intend to indulge fan reaction in second season

"Squid Game" series creator doesn't intend to indulge fan reaction in second season
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The creator of the popular sci-fi series "Squid Game," Hwang Dong-hyeok revealed some details regarding the show's second season, stressing that the development of the plot will not be a response to fan reaction, but instead will be a natural evolution from where everything ended in the first season. According to Dong-hyeok, Son Ki Hoon (Lee Jong-jae) has changed a lot by the end of the first season, and that the second season "will be about what this new Ki Hoon is going to do.
I've seen a lot of people's reactions to the show, but I don't want to shoot a second season in response to those reactions. The philosophy I laid out in season one naturally applies to season two. Instead of trying to live up to the audience's expectations, I just thought about the last moment when Ki Hoon decided not to go on the plane, and I thought about what he would do next. Naturally, there will be a whole stream of events leading up to the end of the season. I can't share any details yet, but you know that Ki Hoon has become a whole new person by the end of season one, so, season two will be about what this new Ki Hoon is going to do and how events will unfold with this new character."
Part of the appeal of the first season of "The Squid Game" is its unique premise -- a group of characters participate in a survival game show in an attempt to win a cash prize. It is not yet known whether the second season will adhere to the same premise or deviate from it, but Dong-huk's comment suggests that no matter what happens, Ki Hoon will continue to be a central character in the story. It is quite possible that season two will introduce a new group of participants, but now from a completely different perspective.
Squid Game" ("Ojingeo geim"). Release Date - 09/19/1921
Since the first season of "The Squid Game" was one of the most popular and rated Netflix shows in its history, expectations for the second season are understandably high. If the show deviates too much from what made the first season popular, there is a danger that the second season will not receive the same recognition and popularity. However, if Dong-hek can present something just as unexpected and exciting in the second chapter, but in a new way, there is a chance that a sequel to "The Squid Game" could be even better than the first season. The first season of "The Squid Game" has already received a number of nominations and professional community awards, but it has yet to compete against competitors in the 2022 Emmy Awards, in which it is featured in 14 categories.