Star Wars fighter sold for millions of dollars

Star Wars fighter sold for millions of dollars
Photo by Ben Lei / Unsplash

The X-Wing fighter model used in George Lucas' 1977 science fiction epic "Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope" was sold at a Prop Store Auction for a staggering $2.3 million.
The Red Leader miniature model, created by Industrial Light & Magic, was valued at between $500,000 and one million dollars. But during the bidding there was a serious competition, so the final price was significantly higher.
In Star Wars, this spaceship "flew" the Red X-Wing squadron commander Garven Drace, played by the late Drew Henley. The model is extremely rare, as most were destroyed by pyrotechnics during the filming of the climactic scene of the battle against the Death Star.
The lot description stated the following: "The original unpainted paintwork is in excellent condition, with only minor flaking in small areas. One of the laser guns is slightly deformed and one of the laser gun tip assemblies assembled from scratch is loose. There are several small holes in the top of the fuselage, designed to hang the model on wires."