Steven Spielberg criticized HBO Max

Steven Spielberg criticized HBO Max
Photo by Andrei Stan / Unsplash

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg criticized HBO Max streaming and its parent company for what he described as a "misguided attitude toward filmmakers."
Pandemic created a unique opportunity for streaming platforms to increase their subscriber bases to record levels, but simultaneously endangered some of my best filmmaker friends because their films were unceremoniously not released in theaters. They got paid and the films were suddenly handed over to HBO Max. And then things started to change quickly," the maestro told The NY Times.
Recall that Warner's previous management decided to release their entire list of 2021 movies simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. This prompted an extremely negative reaction from theater chains and leading filmmakers, including Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve. They believed that Warner Bros. violated the code of solidarity and prioritized increasing the number of subscribers of its heavily lagging streaming.
Since 2021, it's become much harder for films to do well at the box office, while the transition from theatrical release to release on digital platforms is shorter than ever, and studios clearly prefer to avoid theaters altogether.Steven Spielberg's Best Movies

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  3. "Alien" (1982)
  4. "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (1989)
  5. "Jurassic Park" (1993)
  6. "Schindler's List (1993)
  7. "Saving Private Ryan" (1998)