Sydney Sweeney's Close Encounter: Spider Bite on the Set of 'Anyone But You'

Sydney Sweeney's Close Encounter: Spider Bite on the Set of 'Anyone But You'
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen / Unsplash


  • Brief introduction about Sydney Sweeney.
  • Overview of the incident: bitten by a real spider during filming.
  • Mention of her appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark and the Today show.

Early Details of the Incident

  • Description of the movie 'Anyone But You' and Sydney's role.
  • The scene involving a huntsman spider.
  • Sydney Sweeney's recount of the spider bite incident on Live with Kelly and Mark.

On-Set Reaction to the Spider Bite

  • Details of the scene being shot when the bite occurred.
  • Sweeney's and co-star Glen Powell's reactions.
  • The crew's initial perception of the incident as part of acting.

Sweeney's Experience and Recovery

  • Description of Sweeney's reaction to the bite.
  • Details about the medical attention she received.
  • Her recovery process and continuation of filming.

Safety Concerns on the Set

  • Discussion of safety measures on film sets, especially when dealing with wildlife.
  • Director Will Gluck's comments on safety precautions taken during filming.

Filming in Australia: Challenges and Hazards

  • Challenges faced by the cast and crew filming in Australia.
  • Specific mention of shooting in shark-infested waters.
  • Director Will Gluck's insights on filming in challenging environments.

Industry Response and Safety Standards

  • Broader discussion on how the film industry manages wildlife and dangerous situations on set.
  • Input from industry experts on safety standards and protocols.

Sydney Sweeney's Career and Upcoming Projects

  • Overview of Sydney Sweeney's career and past notable works.
  • Information about her upcoming projects.


  • Reflections on the importance of safety in filmmaking.
  • Anticipation for the release of 'Anyone But You' and audience expectations.

Additional Sections (Optional)

  • Interviews with other cast members or crew about the incident.
  • Expert insights on handling wildlife on film sets.
  • A sidebar on other on-set accidents in film history