The adaptation of the video game "Gears of War" has a screenwriter.

The adaptation of the video game "Gears of War" has a screenwriter.
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"Dune" screenwriter to adapt video game for Netflix
Oscar nominee John Spates ("Dune") will write the screenplay for "Gears of War," based on the Netflix streaming video game series of the same name.

First announced by Streaming in November 2022, the feature-length project will be produced in partnership with The Coalition. An animated series aimed at adult audiences is then planned, with action set in the world of gaming with the possibility of further development.

Released for Xbox consoles in 2006 and having sold more than 40 million copies, "Gears of War" shows a fractured society on the brink of collapse. The Delta Squad, a motley crew led by disgraced Sergeant Marcus Phoenix, is tasked with leading humanity's final battle. The original game was followed by several sequels. After Netflix's plans became known in November 2022, Dave Batista announced his desire for the role of Marcus Phoenix in the adaptation.

Hollywood studios have been burning with a desire to screen the game series for years. Universal Pictures was the last studio to try to make a movie in 2016.

Jon Spaihts.

Known for his work in feature films such as "Passengers," "Doctor Strange" and "Prometheus," Jon Spaihts won an Oscar for the screenplay for "Dune," which he co-wrote with Denis Villeneuve. He is the screenwriter for the second installment of "Dune 2," which will be released theatrically on November 3, 2023.