The head of Warner Bros. Discovery called the movie "business"

The head of Warner Bros. Discovery called the movie "business"
Photo by Kushagra Kevat / Unsplash

The head of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav urged his subordinates to remember that filmmaking is first and foremost a business. Sources note that this was done on the example of the film "A Man's Tears," which was directed by Hollywood veteran Clint Eastwood.
Sources say that at one meeting, department heads admitted that they didn't expect "A Man's Tears" to be profitable. Zaslav asked why the film was given the green light if there were doubts about its chances of success, but was told that Eastwood always kept to the approved shooting schedule and stayed within budget.
Such a strategy did not please Zaslav, who noted, "We don't owe anybody anything. It's not show friends, it's show business."
Recall that Clint Eastwood directed for Warner Bros, several very successful films, including the war drama "Sniper", which gathered at the worldwide box office of more than 540 million dollars at a cost of 58 million.
As for David Zaslav, after he took over as head of the merged entity, it was announced that he was reviewing development plans and refusing to mindlessly promote HBO Max streaming at the expense of theatrical distribution.