"The Last of Us: 2023's Most-Pirated Show Highlights Streaming's Persistent Piracy Issue"

"The Last of Us: 2023's Most-Pirated Show Highlights Streaming's Persistent Piracy Issue"
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  • Overview of the piracy trend in the streaming industry.
  • Brief mention of Torrent Freak’s 2023 piracy report.

Torrent Freak's 2023 Piracy Report

  • Detailed analysis of the top 10 most-pirated shows.
  • Discussion on the genres dominating piracy (sci-fi, fantasy, superhero).

The Streaming Landscape and Piracy

  • The evolution of television and its impact on piracy.
  • Comparison of traditional vs. modern methods of piracy (torrents vs. streaming sites).

Case Study: The Last of Us

  • In-depth look at why "The Last of Us" topped the list.
  • The show's unique position as a premium cable and streaming hybrid.

The Impact of Streaming Service Models on Piracy

  • Analysis of the 'walled garden' approach of streaming services.
  • The correlation between the rise in service prices and increased piracy.

Netflix: An Exception in the Piracy Trend?

  • Examination of why Netflix shows are less pirated.
  • Discussion on Netflix's subscription model and content strategy.

Consumer Perspective

  • Insights into why consumers resort to piracy.
  • The dilemma faced by consumers in choosing streaming services.

The Future of Streaming and Piracy

  • Predictions and trends for the future.
  • Possible solutions and alternatives to combat piracy.


  • Recap of key points.
  • Final thoughts on the balance between streaming services and piracy.

Initial Paragraphs:


In 2023, the landscape of digital content consumption continued to grapple with a familiar foe – piracy. Despite concerted efforts by studios and streaming services, the allure of free content remains a persistent challenge. Torrent Freak's annual report on piracy trends offers a revealing glimpse into what shows audiences are seeking out through unauthorized channels, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of piracy in the streaming era.

Torrent Freak's 2023 Piracy Report

This year's report, once again, spotlights a line-up dominated by high-profile streaming offerings in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and superhero narratives. Echoing the trends set during the peak of "Game of Thrones," 2023's list sees "The Last of Us" from HBO claiming the dubious honor of being the most-pirated show, a mantle previously held by "House of the Dragon" in 2022. Here's a closer look at the list:

  1. The Last of Us (HBO)
  2. The Mandalorian (Disney+)
  3. Loki (Disney+)
  4. Ahsoka (Disney+)
  5. Secret Invasion (Disney+)
  6. Silo (Apple TV)
  7. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV)

The Streaming Landscape and Piracy

The report by Torrent Freak sheds light on an important aspect of contemporary piracy: the shift from downloading entire seasons to focusing on single-episode torrents, a reflection of the changing consumption patterns in the digital age. Yet, even with this shift, the most sought-after shows are those locked behind the premium access of multiple streaming platforms. This is particularly true for "The Last of Us," a hybrid of premium cable broadcast and streaming simulcast on HBO Max.