The makers of the movie "Dune" refused to introduce a biblical scale

The makers of the movie "Dune" refused to introduce a biblical scale
Photo by Mark Eder / Unsplash

The film "Dune", which was directed by Denis Villeneuve, could have an alternative opening scene of truly biblical proportions. This was revealed by the screenwriter Eric Roth.
The beginning of the film was supposed to be like the Book of Genesis from the Bible... And you would have seen the creation of the planet. It looks like Earth, but it's still Dune with all those weird animals. The audience would know how the water went away, how the sand dunes formed and all that," he said, noting that Villeneuve himself rejected the idea because it would have been too costly to create such a scene.
It was pretty cool, I thought, but Denis said: "It's great, but then we can't afford the rest of the movie," so that was the end of it," the screenwriter added. Recall that the movie "Dune" was released in the fall of 2021. Its worldwide box office receipts were very modest - $ 400 million with a production budget of $ 165 million.
Nevertheless, the studio executives Warner Bros. ordered to begin creating a sequel. Filming of "Dune 2" has already started, it is scheduled to be released in theaters in November 2023.