The movie Prey. What to expect from the little Predator in the new mask

The movie Prey. What to expect from the little Predator in the new mask
Photo by Matthew Essman / Unsplash

The popular sci-fi franchise "Predator" has experienced more than one attempted reimagining and revival. Movies like Predators (2010) and Predator (2018), all sorts of crossovers like Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007), and so on. But none of these experiments managed to replicate the success of the original, which decades later still looks as fresh, despite the deliberate masculinity and ridiculousness of certain elements. And now, in 2022, director Dan Traktenberg is making another attempt to reboot the series. This time in full compliance with modern trends, as the plot will center on a Native American woman seeking to establish herself in a completely masculine world.
Summary of the movie "The Prey
The action takes place in the early 18th century in the lands of the Comanches. The main character named Naru, grew up surrounded by legendary warriors, but "defiant and free" does not suit the peculiar position of women of the era, she dreams of battle and glory. And the chance to get both is given to her when an alien hunter arrives on Earth for the spoils.
The creator of the film "Prey" stressed that his story is not a direct prequel to "Predator" in 1987. Moreover, the image of the Predator will be different from what viewers are used to, as it will take on a "more anatomically authentic look." It is not yet clear what this is all about, since the anatomy of the alien has always been very different from that of a human. Tractenberg noted that in the original film, the makeup and costume were too heavy-handed, but modern technology has avoided that.
Would adding some "slickness" benefit the Predator? That's debatable. Naturally, there are examples in cinematic history when the physical parameters of an antagonist with the same name or nickname have changed significantly. You can think of the Terminator, which in the first series was a bulky machine, and in the second, a modestly sized experimental model. But in this case, everything depends on the skill of the storyteller and the brightness of the image itself, which James Cameron and Robert Patrick had more than enough of.
The situation with the Predator is more complicated, the impressive height and mass of the alien has always been its distinctive feature, as well as the plasticity due to the complex makeup. The only thing that can be explained yet is the absence of some technologies in the Predator's arsenal, because the action takes place 300 years ago, and during this time the weapons in his world could have evolved considerably.
It is quite possible that we are talking about a new subspecies of Predators. This, in particular, is hinted at by the character's mask shown in the trailers. In the previous films, it was used as an information monitor and a tool to focus the Predator's infrared vision while hunting on Earth. The mask seen in "The Prey" probably still serves the same purpose, but is decorated with something like a skull. This may hint that the adversary of the brash and free Naru, is the bearer of a peculiar tradition.
According to the mythology of the franchise, the skulls and weapons of various defeated species are the trophies that the alien race holds most dear as hunters. In Predator 2, for example, the alien ship had a collection of skeletons of various creatures from across the universe, including the Xenomorph. The Predator in "The Prey" may have a more direct way of demonstrating his hunting prowess, by putting an image of his prey on his mask. That is, instead of just looking new, the Predator in "The Prey" may instead follow his own unique traditions when it comes to hunting humans and other types of prey.
Whether this will work, and whether the new reboot will bog down in the quest to follow "trends," we will know in early August 2022, when the movie "Prey" is released on the Hulu streaming service.