The "Office" star's performance was broken into by an armed man

The "Office" star's performance was broken into by an armed man
Photo by PAN XIAOZHEN / Unsplash

Craig Robinson, star of the popular series "The Office" and comedian, is next on the list of stand-up performers whose performance was disrupted by a gunman. According to police in Charlotte, North Carolina, the gunman entered the Comedy Zone Comedy Club after 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 16, 2022, and waving a gun demanded that everyone leave the club. The audience, including Robinson, went to a nearby establishment for safety. Robinson's performance was cancelled.
Craig Robinson, who played Darryl on the comedy series "The Office," wrote about the incident on social media, "I perform at Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina. There was an active shooter in the comedy club. So we were transferred to another venue where a concert was going on. I thought I should share that information with you. I'm safe. I'm calm. It was wild, I was in my dressing room, and there was yelling, "Everybody out!" That was quite a moment, I'll tell you that."
The shooter later fired a random shot outside the club. No injuries were reported and the offender was arrested.
Recall that since March 2022, when popular showman Chris Rock was slapped on stage by Will Smith during the Oscars, this is the third incident of aggressive behavior toward comedians performing. The second "victim" in May 2022 was Dave Chappelle, who was assaulted by a man armed with a knife while performing on stage during Netflix Is A Joke.