The series "The Flash" will end with a ninth season on The CW

The series "The Flash" will end with a ninth season on The CW
Photo by dhehaivan / Unsplash

The upcoming ninth season of The Flash will be the final season of the series. According to an official statement from The CW, the final chapter will debut in 2023 and will consist of 13 episodes, making it the shortest season in its history.
Previously, in January 2022, there was already speculation that season nine could be the last chapter of The Flash when the show's star Grant Gustin agreed to a one-year contract, limiting his participation in season nine to 15 episodes. In May of this year, channel executives announced that the next season would begin airing in the middle of the television season. Thus, "The Flash" was not included in the network's fall schedule for the first time.
Of the show's original cast, Candice Patton, Daniel Panabaker, and Jesse L. Martin will return to their roles.
Note that the shortened final season of "The Flash" will end just weeks before the scheduled June 23, 2023 release of Warner Bros. studio's feature film "The Flash" starring Ezra Miller. According to sources, the ending of the series will complete its own storyline and will not affect the film in any way.