"The Tee-Off We've Been Waiting For: Drew Barrymore Confirms 'Happy Gilmore 2'"

"The Tee-Off We've Been Waiting For: Drew Barrymore Confirms 'Happy Gilmore 2'"
Photo by Aneta Pawlik / Unsplash

Drew Barrymore has just elevated herself from beloved daytime TV host to the harbinger of thrilling news for comedy and golf enthusiasts alike. While the world buzzes about the 2024 election and sports championships, Barrymore has intercepted the spotlight with an announcement that's set to overshadow all current events: 'Happy Gilmore 2' is officially on the horizon.

In an exhilarating preview from an upcoming episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore divulged a piece of information that has Adam Sandler fans reeling with excitement. With a palpable sense of elation, she revealed that Sandler, the comedic genius behind the original Happy Gilmore, has penned a screenplay for its much-anticipated sequel.

"I want it. I need it," Barrymore expressed, sharing a personal anecdote of a night spent watching 'Billy Madison' with her daughter, another Sandler classic, which spurred her to reach out to Sandler himself. The exchange that followed between the two stars was nothing short of a cinematic cliffhanger. Sandler's response left Barrymore (and subsequently, the audience) in eager anticipation, hinting at the possibility of 'Happy Gilmore 2' coming to fruition.

The confirmation seemed to solidify when Barrymore, in a moment reminiscent of breaking news segments, glanced at her phone and announced, "This just in, I have breaking news." She teased, with a knowing smile, "From my source, it is in process."

Adding to the frenzy, Barrymore's intrigue about the sequel was initially sparked by Christopher McDonald, the actor behind the unforgettable antagonist Shooter McGavin. McDonald shared with Barrymore that during a recent encounter, Sandler had shown him a script for the sequel. This insider tidbit was disclosed during McDonald's appearance on the Ken Carman Show on Cleveland radio, where he recounted Sandler's words with palpable excitement: "McDonald, you're gonna love this."

As fans of the 1996 golf comedy eagerly await further details, the buzz around 'Happy Gilmore 2' is undeniable. Barrymore's announcement not only promises a return to the beloved world of Happy Gilmore but also reignites the collective anticipation for another round of laughter, nostalgia, and, of course, golf. With the project "in process," according to Barrymore, fans can hardly contain their excitement for what's poised to be a comedic hole-in-one.