The Witcher season 3 premiere date announced.

The Witcher season 3 premiere date announced.
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Teaser trailer for The Witcher season three unveiled
"The Witcher" returns to Netflix in the summer of 2023 with a third season, and that return will take place in two stages. The first part of the five-episode series will premiere on 29 June. The final three episodes will be available on 27 July. In addition to the premiere date, Netflix has published a new poster and teaser trailer for the series, which gives a first look at the upcoming season, promising that "everything will change".

"While monarchs, mages and creatures of the Continent vie to see who catches her first, Geralt hides Ciri from their gaze, determined to protect his newly reunited family from those who threaten to destroy her," reads the official plot description for The Witcher season three. - After entrusting Ciri with magical training, Jennifer leads them to the protected fortress of Arethusa, where they hope to learn more about the girl's untapped abilities; instead, they find themselves caught in a battlefield of political corruption, dark magic and treachery. They must fight back, put everything on the line - or risk losing each other forever."

Recall that for Henry Cavill, the third season of The Witcher will be his last. The fourth season will see Liam Hemsworth play the role of Geralt.

What does the new The Witcher poster say?

A new The Witcher series poster posted on social media shows the three main characters of the series, Heralt, Jennefer and Ciri, in the foreground. Geralt and Ciri have naked swords in their hands and are ready to take part in the battle, while Jennifer stands in the background, preparing to cast a spell. "Family is worth fighting for," reads the caption on the poster, which clearly refers to the close-knit group that the trio has now become.