The World's Scariest Movie Dreams

The World's Scariest Movie Dreams
Photo by Diego Carneiro / Unsplash

Dreams have always been considered a certain mystical property of our consciousness. It is in dreams that evil spirits, guests from the other world, and sometimes - and brilliant insights came to man. It is therefore not surprising that many writers working in the genre of horror films, have adopted precisely the dreams, which are masterfully added to the entourage of "disturbing" bedrooms. Watch this ominous movie story at night, lying in your comfortable bed - and then you just do not fall asleep!
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Pretty Freddy Krueger with a heated face and razor-sharp nails instead of nails.... Here's who has become the ultimate "dream" ghost for many generations. In this classic of the genre, all the characters are simply afraid to go to sleep, hysterically avoiding bedrooms and beds and the very mention of dreams. But the monster won't let anyone get away with it and will soon come after anyone who thinks of conquering their irresistible natural urge to sleep.  It is said that the number of people suffering from insomnia in the U.S. increased by 10% within a month after the screening of this film!
City of Lost Children (1995)
Another somnambulistic mayhem created for the inhabitants of a small island by a humanoid mutant because he himself cannot dream.  It would seem, if you could not sleep, take a little pill or a hundred grams and rest quietly in your bed. But no, the vile monster began to kidnap children from the nearest town. And using the infernal machine he invented, he tries to enjoy their dreams. But the unfortunate creatures from fear see only nightmares, which finally drive the cunning monster mad! As the saying goes, such a horror is not even imaginable in a dream!
Mara. Dream Eater" (2018)
In this mystical tripe, the protagonists will have to confront the ancient demon Mara, who kills people while they sleep, off the chain. Being the spawn of evil forces, this elusive killer quickly penetrates dreams, and with the help of nightmarish visions drives a sleeping person to death. And only the efforts of an ingenious psychologist can curb the vile creature, capable of making the viewer with strong nerves long toss and turn in bed before sinking into the arms of Morpheus.
The Machinist" (2004)
Suffering from chronic fatigue and unable to sleep for long periods of time? You have every chance to experience the horrific experiences of the protagonist of this powerful psychological thriller. The constant mental strain turns into chronic paranoia, complemented by a confusion of reality and dreams.  In this infernal roundabout, the most unexpected images are present, penetrating a rapidly deteriorating world woven of intrusive visions. As a result, the unfortunate man is completely lost in the crooked alleys of his own inflamed brain. So much so that even the perceptive viewer cannot understand what is on the screen at the moment - a dream or a reality?
The Devil's Exorcist: Insomnia (2019)
An attempt to cure her brother of chronic insomnia ends in endless terror for the young woman and other innocent characters. Soon enough, the main characters find themselves trapped in the basement, where the experimental laboratory is located. And everything would be fine, but the boy's insomnia awakened a bloodthirsty demonic monster that can not only inflict a terrible terror on everyone and everything, but also manage the actions of people. Sleepless night of incredible struggle with their own fears and real danger threatens all participants real madness.
Astral" (2010)
If a child is in a coma, this helpless brain state becomes real bait for evil mystical creatures. What if it's not a coma? What if the main character has been able to go into astral space since childhood and just got lost there, how can wayward souls get lost in Purgatory? And the evil old ghost lady likes to torment the kid's astral body. Remarkably, the film begins with the interior of a bedroom, filmed in eerie black and white. It is here that the unfortunate boy sleeps, which will be the cause of an hour and a half of psycho-emotional tension for the audience! It is clear that one wants to run away from such a "bedroom" and never return to it again!