Timing of Avatar 2: The Way of the Water has been announced

Timing of Avatar 2: The Way of the Water has been announced
Photo by Denise Jans / Unsplash

The sci-fi movie "Avatar 2: The Way of the Water," which took off the famous Hollywood director James Cameron, was longer than the first series.
According to sources, viewers will have to spend 190 minutes in theaters, which is more than three hours. While this information is not officially confirmed by the studio. Note that the timing of the original tape, which became the highest-grossing film project in history, was 162 minutes.
Thus, cinemas will have to plan a smaller number of screenings of the film "Avatar 2: The Way of the Water" during the day, which may affect the final box office receipts. The difference in the number of screenings will probably be offset by higher ticket prices.
Cameron himself previously said he wasn't "going to listen to the whining" about the timing of Avatar 2. "I could almost verbatim write this part of my movie review: 'An excruciatingly long three-hour project...'" In other words, 'give me a goddamn break,'" he said in an interview, noting that viewers spend eight hours at a time watching popular TV shows without complaint. "Avatar 2: The Way of Water. The release date is December 16, 2022.
All of the participants in the films went through special training, which allowed them to stay underwater for long periods of time without special breathing apparatus. According to actress Kate Winslet, she learned to hold her breath for seven minutes. This information was further confirmed by other members of the film crew.