"Twilight" becomes a TV series

"Twilight" becomes a TV series
Photo by Alexander Andrews / Unsplash

Lionsgate and Stephanie Meyer set to repeat the success of the films on TV
'Twilight' is descending into television. According to insiders, a TV series based on Stephanie Meyer's bestselling novels is in the early stages of development at Lionsgate Television Studios. The writer is expected to take part in the production process. Lionsgate has yet to begin the search for a potential buyer.

Sined Daley, who has been credited with series such as Raised by Wolves, Dirk Gently's Detective Agency and Dirty John, has been brought in to write the script. Sources say the writer is working with Lionsgate TV to determine the direction the series will take - whether it will be a remake of Stephanie Meyer's books or some other option.

The Twilight franchise is a diamond in the rough at Lionsgate. The series of feature films, which began in 2008 with Twilight and ended in 2012 with Twilight. The Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2", grossed over $3.4 billion at the worldwide box office and launched the careers of its stars, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

News of a series based on the Twilight novel comes just days after Warner Bros Studios and new streaming service Max announced their intention to relaunch the Harry Potter franchise in a television series format. The author of the literary series J.K. Rowling will serve as executive producer, a new cast will be selected, and the upcoming series is claimed to be an "accurate adaptation" of the books.

What other famous franchises does Lionsgate own?

Lionsgate also owns the Hunger Games franchise, which the company continues to expand - the prequel The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will premiere in November 2023. The story will centre on 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow as he attempts to restore greatness to his fading bloodline by winning the Hunger Games.