Universal has rejected a Madonna film

Universal has rejected a Madonna film
Photo by Raphael Wild / Unsplash

A widely discussed biographical film about Madonna will not go into production. It is claimed that the untitled film project is no longer in development at Universal Pictures.
Madonna herself had planned to direct, with Ozark and Inventing Anna star Julia Garner set to play the lead role. As previously stated by the film's producer Amy Pascal, it was set to end during the Blonde Ambition tour of 1990. Insiders note that the project has been frozen because Madonna will now focus on a world tour spanning her entire career. The tour was announced last week and concert tickets have already sold out in many cities.
Julia Garner was chosen for the role after a series of gruelling auditions, which also included Florence Pugh, Alexa Demi, Odessa Young and Emma Laird. According to reports last year, the process included 11 hours of choreography sessions with Madonna herself, as well as vocal lessons.
The project would mark the reunion of Madonna and Amy Pascal, who worked together on the 1992 baseball classic Their Own League.
Why is Madonna making her own biographical film?
I've had an extraordinary life and I got to make an extraordinary film myself. It was also a pre-emptive strike, because a lot of people have tried to make films about me. Mostly male misogynists. And I put my foot on the doorstep and said: "No one but me will tell my story.".... I have a very long script that I really struggle to make shorter. I've tried, but it's like chopping off my own limbs."