"Very Stranger Things" series finale made Netflix executives cry

"Very Stranger Things" series finale made Netflix executives cry
Photo by Alicia Quan / Unsplash

The creators of the sci-fi series "Very Stranger Things" Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer revealed that the script for the final season made Netflix streaming executives "cry."
We did make our executives cry, and I felt it was a good sign since they shed tears. The only other times I've seen them cry were at budget meetings," Ross Duffer said.
Those were different tears," added Sean Levy, the show's director and producer. - Having witnessed and been to that two-hour meeting and having read that script, I can only say that what's special about the Duffer brothers' approach is that even though the show has so many supernatural elements and so much period stylings, it has always focused on the characters first and foremost. And season five will be no exception here, it's primarily the stories of the main characters on "Very Stranger Things."
Asked how much the final season of the series "Very Stranger Things" will continue to exploit elements of pop culture and 80s classics of the genre, Ross said they see the fifth season as "the culmination of all the seasons, so it has something from every previous season. "The first three were like summer blockbusters with big monsters, the fourth was more of a psychological horror," he added.
For a possible list of major threats in the fifth season of the series, read "Very Strange Things." What monsters will appear in season five?""Very Stranger Things
The fifth season of the show will be the last. Previously, its creators promised not to introduce many new characters, but to focus on completing stories already familiar to viewers. What monsters from the Upside Down World await viewers is still unknown. Movie News" previously speculated that it could be Tarrasque or Tiamat from the popular game "Dungeons of Dragons.