Warner Bros. Discovery awaits major new cuts

Warner Bros. Discovery awaits major new cuts
Photo by Shayna Douglas / Unsplash

Warner Bros Discovery company expects new staff cuts on a large scale. Sources say that it will affect several units of the merged company, primarily Warner Bros. Television Group, which is considered the main target.
Layoffs are expected as early as this week. The number is not yet specified, but apparently it will be significant. Note that in August 2022, 14 percent of the staff in the HBO /HBO Max programming department lost their jobs, the vast majority of them in streaming, with the areas of non-fiction, the international department, the casting departments, and family programming being hit the hardest.
All were set financial goals for the fourth quarter. Those goals include head counts, and October has always been considered the time of the axe fall," joked the whistleblower, who wished to remain anonymous, grimly.
Other areas rumored to be affected include television animation following HBO Max's recent decision to cut projects in the genre, which led to the cancellation of several Warner Bros. production series. The previous major layoffs affecting Warner Bros. production units occurred in 2020, when 600 employees of WarnerMedia, then owned by AT&T Corporation, were affected, much of whom were at Warner Bros. Entertainment