Warner Bros. will turn "Lord of the Rings" into "Star Wars"

Warner Bros. will turn "Lord of the Rings" into "Star Wars"
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Fans of "The Lord of the Rings" were shocked by the recent announcement that Warner Bros. Discovery is embarking on new films exploring Middle-earth. According to studio sources, the plan is to create an expansive franchise akin to "Star Wars."
It is claimed that even a draft of the script does not exist yet, only a general concept of the upcoming screen adaptations of Tolkien's works. Note that Warner Bros. owns the rights to make feature films based on "Lord of the Rings", while Amazon has the right to create a series.
In any case, the two universes will somehow overlap and compete with each other, reminding fans of the times when rival studios developed superhero projects that ran parallel to each other but did not overlap.
This is a definite problem for franchise building, as the films and television series will most likely not feature overlapping characters in the way that the creators of Star Wars and the authors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have effectively managed to do as well.
It is also noted that while "Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power" takes place in the Second Age of Middle-earth, Warner Bros. will be developing films that cover the events of the Third Age, which may allow for the inclusion of beloved characters such as Gandalf and Aragorn.
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The further fate of the multiseries adaptation of Tolkien's works is still in question. The action of the show took place a few thousand years before the events of the full-length trilogy of Peter Jackson, in the so-called Second Age of Middle-earth, when the Rings of Power were created and Sauron finally settled in Mordor.