Warner Bros. won't dare replace Ezra Miller in The Flash

Warner Bros. studio management does not intend to refuse to hire the film "The Flash", to replace the main character Ezra Miller or send the project directly to the streaming service HBO Max. About this, citing its sources reported edition Variety.
As the reason cited for the huge investment in the creation of "Flash" and its promotion. Nevertheless, heated discussions about the possible consequences of the crisis, which caused by his actions Ezra Miller continue.
It also became known about another incident involving the "Flash" star. It was reported by a woman named Nadia, (she asked to use only her name for privacy reasons), who claims that at her invitation, the actor came to her Berlin apartment late at night in February 2022. They hadn't seen each other since they had consensual sex in 2020. But after the friendly interaction, Miller's mood changed dramatically when she told him she wouldn't allow smoking in her house.
That just made them lose their temper. I asked them to leave about 20 times, maybe more. They started insulting me. Calling me a "transphobic piece of shit" and a "Nazi." They walked around my house, looked at everything, touched everything, threw ashes on the floor. It was disgusting and very intrusive."
After about half an hour of coaxing, Nadia said she finally convinced Miller to leave as soon as she called the police.
The "Flash" comic book movie adaptation will be released in June 2023.