What are the best new TV series to watch in the first half of November 2022?

What are the best new TV series to watch in the first half of November 2022?
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The first half of November 2022 will easily make the plan for detective, spy, and crime TV projects - "Spy Among Friends," "The Calling," and "King of Tulsa" attract the cast and creators' names. Fans of mysticism will also be something to reap - the thriller "Boarding House" and the detective "Dreams" - domestic projects with elements of the supernatural. Who is not indifferent to the historical costume dramas in the scenery of the 18th century, you can try to assess the new adaptation of "Dangerous Liaisons. The indomitable Emily Blunt will finally be allowed to make a noise in the western "The Englishwoman," and you can get to know the inhabitants of Zveropolis closer in the animated series "Zveropolis +". Two clans with their skeletons in the closet return in November - the Royal ("The Crown") and from Montana ("Yellowstone").
Tuesday, Nov. 1.
"Boarding House" (ivi) is a mystical thriller from "Pischeblok" director Sviatoslav Podgaevsky. The action series will unfold in 1890 on a secluded island in a mysterious boarding house for girls who have behaved inappropriately. The main character Pauline (Stasia Miloslavskaya) goes to this boarding house to find her sister, who disappeared here a year ago. All four episodes will be available on the day of the premiere.
Spy Among Friends (Britbox) is a six-part adaptation of Ben MacIntyre's biographical spy novel set in 1963, during the Cold War. British MI6 intelligence officer Nicholas Elliot (Damien Lewis) discovers that his close friend and colleague Kim Philby (Guy Pearce) is secretly working as a double agent for the KGB. All six episodes will be available on opening day.
Thursday, November 3.
Dreams (Premier) is a detective with mystical elements, centered on Zhenya Zhuravleva (Elizabeth Seaman), a young woman who, after spending several days in a coma, has found both a gift and a curse. If Zhenya falls asleep at the scene of the crime, she sees in her dreams how it happened. To use the new abilities for good offers Zhenya's former classmate police captain Makarov (Pavel Priluchny). Zhenya agrees, well, what will be the consequences of their cooperation, we will know from the series.
Sunday, November 6
Dangerous Liaisons" (Starz) - the upcoming drama series is based on the eponymous, not once screened novel by Choderlos de Laclos, and is the origin story of the main characters - Viscount Valmont and the Marquise de Merteuil, who began as young lovers in the slums of Paris. Thanks to cleverness, ambition and intrigue they managed to get into high society and become prominent figures at the court of Louis XVI. The leading roles are played by Alice Englert, Nicholas Denton, Leslie Manville and Carice Van Houten.
Thursday, November 10
The Calling (Peacock) is a detective drama adapted by David E. Kelly and based on the detective novel "The Missing File" by Israeli writer Dror Mishani. The series' protagonist, Abraham Abraham (Jeff Wilbush), an NYPD detective, investigates a seemingly routine case that makes him question his own humanity. Wilbusch will be joined by Juliana Canwild, Karen Robinson and Michael Mosley.
Beastopolis+ (Disney+) - The amazing inhabitants of the 2016 feature-length animated film, Beastopolis, are back! The series is set during the events of the animated film and will provide more details on the lives of some of the most intriguing characters, including Fru Fru, Gazelle and Sloth, an Arctic burbot.
Friday, Nov. 11
The Englishwoman (BBC One) is the premiere of a six-episode western. The year is 1890, a woman named Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt) travels west to seek revenge on a man she holds responsible for the death of her son. Crossing these harsh lands, she is aided by Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer), a former cavalry scout of the Pavni tribe. Overcoming all kinds of obstacles, the heroes unexpectedly learn that they share a common past. The series also stars Ciaran Hinds, Rafe Spall and Toby Jones. All episodes will be available on premiere day.
Sunday, November 13.
King of Tulsa (Paramount+) is a ten-episode crime drama created by Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter that centers on Dwight Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone), a gang leader belonging to the New York Mafia. He is released from prison after 25 years in prison, and his boss sends him into forced exile to start a business in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here, Dwight assembles his own team to help build his new empire.
In November 2022, the popular series "Titans" (03.11), "Manifest" (04.11), "Mosquito Coast" (04.11), "The Crown" (09.11), "Yellowstone" (13.11), among others, return with new seasons.