What are the best new TV series to watch in the second half of June 2022?

What are the best new TV series to watch in the second half of June 2022?
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The second half of June 2022 is full of interesting new series, including the comedies "Bear," "Man vs. Bee" and "Money Woman," the thriller "Old Man" with Jeff Bridges, the crime drama "Paper House: Korea" and the science fiction "Moonhaven. If you want to be hilarious, watch "Baymax," and if you want heartache, dive into teenage angst with the melodrama "This Summer I Got Pretty." Old acquaintances return with continuing stories - "Umbrella Academy," "Wild West World" and "Murder in the Same Building."
Thursday, June 16.
The Old Man (FX) is an adaptation of Thomas Perry's novel of the same name about former CIA operative Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges), who spent the last years of his life hiding from his former job. However, after an attempt on his life, he was forced to come out of hiding and go on the run. In his footsteps was sent Harold Harper (John Lithgow), assistant director of FBI counterintelligence, with whom Dan has a complicated history of relations. To avoid capture and stay alive, Chase will have to, as trite as it may sound, confront the mistakes made in his past life. The first two episodes, directed by John Watts, will air on opening day.
Father of the Bride (HBO Max) - God loves a trinity, so after the 1950 and 1991 movies in which Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin (respectively) married off their "daughters," look at the ordeal of Andy Garcia as Father of the Bride (Adria Archon). There are no plans for a theatrical release of the comedy, so you can sympathize with Billy while sitting on the couch.
Friday, June 17.
This Summer I Got Pretty (Amazon Prime Video) is an adaptation of Jenny Hahn's teen novel of the same name, which, incidentally, has already been renewed for a second season. It's just like we've loved since "Twilight": a more handsome Belly (not Bella!) arrives with her family at her mom's friend's house on the coast for a summer vacation. It's business as usual, only this summer the girl got prettier, which stumped her two old friends, brothers Jeremy and Conrad.
Thursday, June 23
"Bear" (Hulu) is the premiere of a comedy that has been dubbed the spiritual successor to the TV series "Shameless" on the Internet. A young chef nicknamed Carmi (Jeremy Allen White) returns to his native Chicago to run the family sandwich restaurant. Carmi will face not only the challenges of a small business like finding adequate employees, but also disagreements within the family. All eight episodes will be available on opening day.

Friday, June 24.
Man vs. Bee (Netflix) is the premiere of the classic comedy starring Rowan Atkinson. Atkinson will play a man named Trevor, who gets a job as a caretaker in a luxury mansion. It would seem that the work is not a dull job. But it was not. Suddenly Trevor is terrorized by a bee, and the mansion turns into a battlefield in which he is ready to use any means, without thinking about the collateral damage. A total of 10 episodes will be presented, each with a running time of 10 minutes.
Paper House: Korea" (Netflix) - Against the backdrop of the growing popularity of Korean series, the famous streaming service has decided to build a Korean version of one of its biggest hits. The plot will still unfold around a brilliant strategist Professor and his team of top thieves, each of whom uses the names of cities as a code name. The Royal Spanish Mint will replace the mint of the fictional joint economic zone of North and South Korea, which are preparing to print a new single currency. The creators of the series have promised that the characters in the remake will be different from those in the original series. All 12 episodes will be available for viewing on the day of the premiere.
A Woman With Money (Apple TV+) is the premiere of a comedy about an "abandoned woman" who, thanks to the betrayal of her scoundrel husband (Adam Scott), has taken her life to the next level in the broadest sense of the word. Starring the hilarious Maya Rudolph, who just happens to have a lot of money on the show, so if you want to watch the rich freak out who also cries, you're here.
Wednesday, June 29
Baymax (Disney +) is a series about the adventures of the lovable robot sidekick Baymax, one of the main characters in the 2014 feature-length animated film "City of Heroes." The series is recommended to all without exception, because the cute Baymax is just made for... create a good mood. Especially, everyone will be interested to know how his search for the orange kitty in San Fransokyo will end.
Thursday, 30
Moonhaven (AMC/AMC+) - The sci-fi series is set 100 years in the future, when the Earth is on the brink of extinction. The main character, cargo spaceship pilot and smuggler Bella Sway (Emma MacDonald), makes an emergency landing in Moonhaven, a Garden of Eden-like utopian colony on the 500 square mile moon. The colonists seek a solution to save Earth, but a group of conspirators attempt to seize control of the colony's artificial intelligence, thus condemning the Earthlings to death. Sway finds herself drawn into the conspiracy, and to deflect suspicion, she teams up with a local detective.
In the second half of June 2022, the popular series "Umbrella Academy" (06/22), "Wild West World" (06/26), and "Murder in One Building" (06/28), among others, return with new seasons.