Why Adam Driver Couldn’t Get Behind the Wheel of a Ferrari in "Ferrari"

Why Adam Driver Couldn’t Get Behind the Wheel of a Ferrari in "Ferrari"
Photo by Martin Katler / Unsplash

When you hear about a film titled "Ferrari," especially one featuring a Hollywood star like Adam Driver, you'd naturally expect to see the actor behind the wheel of the luxury sports car, ripping through scenic roads. Yet, surprisingly, Driver, who's become synonymous with roles that showcase intensity and commitment, wasn't allowed to do so.

At a recent press conference during the 80th Venice International Film Festival, the actor was asked about his experience driving the coveted cars. His response was unexpected. "They were the scariest things on set, but they wouldn't let me drive the cars for insurance reasons," he shared with a tone of slight lament.

While this may come off as a disappointment for fans and car enthusiasts alike, the decision was based on practical reasons. Insurance companies, while evaluating the risks associated with high-value assets and high-profile actors, often set guidelines that prioritize safety over authenticity. In the case of "Ferrari," the stakes were too high to allow Driver to operate the precious vehicles.

Driver's lead role in the film is as Enzo Ferrari, the legendary Italian carmaker. Set in the summer of 1957, the plot unfolds the challenges faced by Ferrari. From marital problems to looming bankruptcy and intense competition with the car manufacturer Maserati, the story provides a rare glimpse into Ferrari's personal and professional life during a tumultuous period.

Considering that Enzo Ferrari, the man, was deeply connected to his cars, one might wonder how Driver managed to infuse authenticity into his role without physically driving them. However, if there's one thing Driver's past roles have showcased, it is his ability to deeply immerse himself into his characters and deliver powerful performances without relying on superficial elements.

But while Driver didn't get behind the wheel, Patrick Dempsey, playing racing driver Piero Taruffi, had the opportunity to drive a replica Ferrari. Yet, even he found the experience overwhelming. "Driving a modern car, you have a roll cage, but there was no cage with these cars," Dempsey said during the press conference. This highlights the raw and perilous nature of vintage race cars, which lacked many of the safety measures that today's race cars are equipped with.

The photos of Adam Driver attending the Venice Film Festival, dressed in impeccable style, further underscore the massive attention the movie has garnered. Photos of Driver on the red carpet, set against the historic backdrop of Venice, have become iconic overnight. They showcase the grandeur of the event and the anticipation surrounding the film.

But it wasn’t just the film that was under the spotlight. The event took place during an actors' strike. However, promotion for "Ferrari" continued, owing to a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) interim agreement. This agreement was particularly applicable to "Ferrari" since it was made independently of the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). This independent production is another testament to the uniqueness of the film.

The modern landscape of Hollywood is awash with biopics and historical dramas, but "Ferrari" promises a blend of personal strife, corporate intrigue, and racing passion. With talented actors such as Driver at the helm, it’s a journey into a legend's life that promises high stakes, both on and off the track. The fact that Driver wasn't permitted to drive an actual Ferrari is merely a footnote in what promises to be a cinematic spectacle.

In conclusion, while the cars are undeniably an integral part of the movie, it's the human stories, struggles, and triumphs that will resonate with audiences. The automobiles represent dreams, ambitions, and the relentless drive of individuals like Enzo Ferrari. Whether Adam Driver drove a Ferrari in real life or not will likely become irrelevant once viewers get engrossed in the gripping narrative and mesmerizing performances.

So, for those gearing up to watch "Ferrari," expect to see more than just car races and luxury vehicles. Expect a tale of human spirit, perseverance, and the drive to achieve greatness, symbolized aptly by one of the world's most desired cars – the Ferrari.