Will ‘Deadpool 3’ Make Its May 2024 Release Date? Director Shawn Levy Opens Up on the Challenges Ahead

Will ‘Deadpool 3’ Make Its May 2024 Release Date? Director Shawn Levy Opens Up on the Challenges Ahead
Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde / Unsplash

Hollywood has seen its fair share of challenges, from the changing dynamics of the digital age to the recent global pandemic. Yet, one of the latest hurdles, the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, has posed an unexpected dilemma for filmmakers, with many big-budget films hanging in the balance. Among them is the highly anticipated “Deadpool 3”, the release date for which now seems increasingly uncertain.

Director Shawn Levy, known for his versatile directorial ventures, sat down for an interview with TheWrap to discuss the strike’s implications on the film industry and shed some light on the much-anticipated third installment of the Deadpool franchise.

“Deadpool 3”, scheduled to hit screens on May 3, 2024, finds itself amid the tumult caused by the SAG-AFTRA strike that began on July 14, 2023. This strike, aimed at addressing pressing issues faced by actors, has effectively halted numerous productions, leaving many in the industry in a lurch.

Levy, already in the process of filming the movie, shared his concerns. “I wish I knew. I don’t even know if we officially have [a release date]. I know we were gonna be May 3,” he expressed, clearly indicating the uncertainty surrounding the sequel’s release.

The third installment, which sees Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the wisecracking antihero Deadpool and Hugh Jackman joining as Wolverine, has already garnered considerable attention. “Certainly, the actors’ strike and the long pause in production have put that release date in true risk. We’ve shot half the movie. I’ve edited half the movie. We’re dying to get back to work and get this movie out next year,” Levy added, highlighting the project's mid-production status.

In the interview, Levy also addressed the recent buzzing rumors following his appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs versus New York Jets game alongside Reynolds and Jackman. Taylor Swift, a close friend of Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, was also present, leading to frenzied speculation about her potential involvement in “Deadpool 3”.

However, Levy remained tight-lipped about these speculations, stating, “They sure are loud,” referring to Swift’s fanbase. “I’m going across the board. ‘No comment’ because that’s a double whammy. That’s Taylor-related. And it’s MCU-related. I’m no dummy. You’re going to have to wait and see.”

Swift's presence at the football game was not just about supporting a team but also may have had personal undertones. She's been seen cozying up with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, sparking rumors about their budding relationship.

Aside from “Deadpool 3”, Levy, who also serves as an executive producer for Netflix's hit show “Stranger Things”, spoke about the upcoming Season 5. The season, like many others, has been delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. “I can say that we are hoping to start filming as soon as possible. We really need the actor’s strike resolved first. The Duffers have been hard at work since the writer strike ended,” Levy shared.

Fans of “Stranger Things” have more to look forward to with the announcement of a stage adaptation titled “Stranger Things: The First Shadow”. The play is set to delve deep into the past of the beloved characters from Hawkins, Indiana. Levy seems thrilled about the project, claiming, “It has exceeded all our expectations. We’re very excited to share that with the world.”

While the world awaits the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the industry stalwarts like Levy remain hopeful and eager to get back to what they do best – telling stories that captivate audiences.