Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have confirmed filming of Bad Boys 4

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have confirmed filming of Bad Boys 4
Photo by Andre Tan / Unsplash

The Bad Guys are officially back - franchise stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have announced production on the next film in the Bad Guys 4 series. A video posted on social media shows Will Smith pulling up to Martin Lawrence's house saying, "Hey, I have an announcement. Y'all better stop scrolling through the video." As a little hint, the actor includes the opening bars of "Shake Ya Tailfeather" from the soundtrack to the 2003 film Bad Boys 2 - "I wish I was in your shoes, not knowing what I'm about to show". Standing at Martin Lawrence's door, the cast announce that a fourth film is officially on its way.
Sony Pictures has confirmed that a sequel to the 2020 action film Bad Boys Forever, with the working title Bad Boys 4, is in early production, and that Adil El Arbi and Bilal Falla, who directed the previous film, will return as directors. The screenplay has been prepared by Chris Bremner. Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Smith, Chad Oman and Doug Belgrade are among the producers of the fourth installment. Martin Lawrence, James Lassiter and Mike Stenson will share executive producer duties.
Bad Boys for Life ("Bad Boys for Life"). The release date is 16.01.2020.
In the third film in the series, which managed to be released before the Covid-19 pandemic, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunite to play Miami detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett 25 years after the original Bad Boys. "Bad Boys Forever" earned over $426 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $90 million and is one of the last blockbusters of the "pre-doc era". Shortly after the film's release, Sony announced that a fourth film in the series was in development.