Will Smith congratulated Jackie Chan on his 70th birthday

Will Smith congratulated Jackie Chan on his 70th birthday
Photo by Adi Goldstein / Unsplash

"Will Smith Expresses Profound Gratitude to Jackie Chan for His Everlasting Influence on the Smith Family in Heartfelt Tribute on the Occasion of Chan's 70th Birthday; Reflects on Impactful Journey During 'The Karate Kid' Collaboration"

Celebrating the monumental 70th birthday of Hollywood icon Jackie Chan, Will Smith took to Instagram to pour out his heartfelt appreciation for the legendary actor. In a poignant tribute posted on April 7, Smith, an Oscar-winning actor, conveyed his deep gratitude for the enduring impact Chan has had on his family.

The post, adorned with a series of endearing snapshots, prominently featured Smith's youngest son, Jaden, alongside Chan. Notably, Jaden, now 25, shared the screen with Chan in the 2010 remake of "The Karate Kid," a collaboration that left an indelible mark on the Smith family.

"Happy 70th (wow) Birthday to My Guy @jackiechan!! In addition to making some of my FAVORITE movies of all time, creating some of the CRAZIEST moments that have ever been captured on film — I thank you most for helpin’ to raise Jaden," expressed Smith, 55, in the caption accompanying the cherished photos.

The sentimentality of the post was palpable as Smith reminisced about their time together in Beijing during the production of "The Karate Kid," highlighting the profound and lasting impression it left on his entire family. Smith wished Chan abundant love and enlightenment as he embarks on another journey around the sun.

Among the nostalgic images shared by Smith were candid moments from the set of "The Karate Kid," capturing the camaraderie shared between Smith, Chan, and Jaden. One particular snapshot depicted Smith and Chan holding up a youthful Jaden behind the scenes in Beijing, symbolizing the bond forged during the making of the film.

Chan's involvement in "The Karate Kid" was not only as an actor but also as a mentor, a role that resonated deeply with both Smith and his son. Reflecting on the genesis of the collaboration, Chan recounted how Smith approached him with the pitch for the blockbuster film.

"I said, 'OK! Who's the teacher?' I thought, 'I'm the karate kid!'" chuckled Chan, recalling Smith's phone call. "I already forget how old I am. I still think I'm the kid. He said, 'No, you're the teacher. My son's gonna be the Karate Kid.'"

The partnership between Smith and Chan extended beyond the silver screen, as the Smiths served as producers for the film. Their collaboration proved to be immensely successful, with "The Karate Kid" grossing an estimated $359 million worldwide, according to IMDB.

As Chan celebrates his 70th birthday, he took to Instagram to express his gratitude for the gift of aging, despite the physical toll of his daring stunts over the decades. In a heartfelt caption accompanying a collage of images spanning his illustrious career, Chan reflected on the significance of reaching this milestone age.

"Every time I hear this number, my heart would stop for a second — l’m 70 years old already?" Chan mused. "After recovering from the shock, the second thing that would come to my mind is a saying that my big brother, Sammo Hung once said: ‘Being able to grow old is a fortunate thing.’ Especially for us stunt people, we don’t know how lucky we are to be able to grow old."

Chan's resilience and passion for his craft were evident as he addressed recent images portraying him with white hair and beard, assuring fans that it was merely for a character portrayal. He expressed his enduring love for filmmaking and gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support.

"Looking at these photos brings back so many fond memories. All I can say is: I love making movies and I love you all," wrote Chan. "A big thank you to everyone for all your birthday wishes. Hope everyone stays happy and healthy!"

As Chan enters his 70th year with grace and gratitude, his influence on generations of filmmakers and actors, including the Smith family, remains immeasurable. Through his dedication to his craft and his unwavering spirit, Chan continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide, leaving an eternal legacy in the annals of cinema.